Tuesday 20 October 2015

White Horse Hill

Today I thought I would show you a local landmark and a very old one dating back to the Bronze Age. I had been wanting to go here for ages and badgered my wife into going for a quick look round. I'd been to the place when I was young and again with my Children when they were in the Cubs but nver took any photos. So one Grey Saturday morning we went off to get some.

 This was the place we were heading, White Horse Hill which at one time was in the County of Berkshire till Oxfordshire got greedy it was also part of Wessex long ago

The other place I wanted to visit was Uffington Castle which is an Iron Age Fort

we passed this on the way there showing all the local landmarks

And rather than post a load of photos this is what you will see

 When you get to the horse there is not a lot to see  though you may get a better view from Dragon Hill below

Look a little to the left and you see a view of the Manger

At least you can get a good view of the Horses Head

We headed off from the Horse to the castle not far away which is guarded by some fierce looking sheep who stood their ground till the last moment
 The signage on the castle is nearly as old at the place, I'd not see a Ministry of Works sign in years The national Trust looks after the site now

 This is what Uffingtion Castle looks like. You see it here from outside the ring ditch

You can also see the castle from the Ridge way which is where the bushes are

It heads off in that direction towards Swindon, Nearby is a place called Wayland Smithy which is a place I will be coming back to visit

we headed back down passing this
 which is a more up to date version of one in photo three

It's along the path in front of Uffington Castle. 

It was nearing lunchtime so as we were cold we headed off to the car past the empty picnic benches and the drive home
Not the best day to visit but I will return again and a better day 
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  1. Wow. An enchanted place. Great pictures, I would love to visit Uffington Castle one day, too ...

  2. You never know what you'll discover when out exploring places such as these. All you need are a few witches, sorcerers and a hogwarts castle - perfect backdrop for a new Harry Potter movie - Curse those green screens!

    1. I have a few folklore storys to add in another blog

  3. oh wow, i'd love to see this...maybe not the best day for a visit but i love the misty photos!

  4. I've heard of the horse and wondered what it would look like up close. Great shots. The castle is cool to see, too--a landmark that it great to read about.

  5. I remember from childhood seeing images of that horse in a book... really sparked the imagination!

  6. The horse is really interesting. I guess you'd have to see it from the air to get the full view.


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