Monday 26 October 2015

A London Experience

No photo today, instead I am going to tell you about the experience my wife & I had
when we went to London on Saturday where we went to the British Museum. The trip getting there was uneventful and we made our way to Holborn underground station where we got off and walked to the Museum. After turning up a road near Holborn Town Hall we passed this guy stood on the opposite side of the road which a load of luggage looking like he was waiting to be picked up. We paid little interest carried on to the museum and joined the throng of people going to visit the British Musum
After going round the exhibits we wanted to see we left feeling a bit ripped off
(I’ll tell more about the museum in another blog). On getting back to the Town hall we passed 
the guy I mentioned in a few sentences ago, he had not gone far and looked to be lost, not only that
 is pants were wet from where he had pi**ed himself. My wife turned to me after we had passed
him and said did I smell him I said no but noticed his pants. I would not be surprised if he had
 not done something else in his pants as we noticed some Human excrement behind a parked car
 on the way.
The next part of the journey was the tube and we had just gone a couple of stations on the 
Central line when a woman placed a package with a note on the seat opposite. My wife and the
 lady looked in horror thinking It was something sinister only to have their minds put at rest when
 the lady’s husband told them it was a beggar expecting someone to pick it up and give her
 some money. She came back collected the package which tuned out to be a pack of tissues
 and hopped off the next station going round to the next carriage that was when I noticed the 
Dope. I’ll call him that because it was written on the back of his red baseball hat. It turns out he 
followed her around but the door was locked between carriages and he could not get to her. 
He eventually hopped off at the following station and we carried on to Paddington talking about 
what we had just experienced.  
We got to Paddington managed to catch our train home with moments to spare and settled in for 
the journey home. The train was a stopper stopping off at some of the stations. At one a guy with
 a rucksack got on and stood in the middle of the carriage looking both way’s. A woman also got 
on looking rather apprehensive. She sat down a moment and checked round looking at the guy 
who was in the middle for the train. He looked at her and nodded then walked to the back of the
 train behind where we were sat. She then quickly walked up the train placing packs of tissues
 around with a note even offering me one. She got a sharp NO and F**k Off from me and walked 
off and collected the packs again. The next station the two of them go off.
To say the least I could not believe what I had experience twice. People were blatantly trying to 
 rip me off. My wife looked the scam up when she got home and found it was happening all the time.
The guy who I the minder gets on the train with a rucksack and the woman who has a messenger
 bag follows. He checks out if it is safe and she goes round leaving the tissues and collects them 
and any money she can get. They then get off and he collects the money from her. Usually
 this happens at unmanned or berried stations. They tend to be East European and no doubt 
illegal immigrants trying their hardest to scam money out of people.  The answer is do not
 give them money it’s going to criminal gangs who are operating this scam  Just be aware of this
 if you go to London if you see this going on.


  1. Wow, quite a lot of unpleasant encounters for one day I'd say. I had not heard of that scam before. When I was in Italy, the scam that got me was the helping with luggage when you got on a train. People who position themselves to help tourist get their luggage up into the train and then they demand nothing less than 5 Euros. I quickly learned to shoo them away and say I'd do it myself.

  2. Quite a number of nuisances. I haven't heard of that scam here.

  3. I was going to say that's urban life for you, but then I remembered we get our fare share of scams in our nearly rural area.


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