Tuesday 13 January 2015

The Castle Gardens

Not what I wanted to post but I think will do the job nicely.
The Castle Gardens in Wallingford are part of the old castle which was in Wallingford they are leased to the town by Sir John & Lady Hedges at the cost of one flowering shrub payable of Michaelmas Day

I went round there with my wife one sunny day in October.

 The Garden, on the other side of the wall to the left is All Hallows Churchyard

 Rather nice fir tree
 Not sure if this is original or built after the civil war

couple more views of the garden above 

and some views from the castle area above

These are the largest parts of the ruins of Wallingford castle you can see though there are other parts around
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  1. Loved seeing these photos Bill. Brought back memories of the Thames walk as I sat in the gardens having lunch.


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