Monday 28 November 2022

The Oxford Canal


I  Visited a church in Shipton on Cherwell towards the end of October, as the first church was locked I decided to walk over to the second church a mile across a field. The path took you over a bridge that crossed the Oxford Canal. I decided a few photos were in order

The Oxford Canal complete with canal boats from the Bridge

On the two path you can see more canal boats moored up along the banks

The reason I came down here was to get a photo of the church which you can see in the Church Explorer on Saturday

 From near the bridge zooming in you get a good idea as to the boats moored her, the people on the left live in one of the boats and you can see smoke in the distance coming off another. There is quite a community living along here

The bridge where I took the first photo, I'm also sure there used to be a lock here as you can see parts of it still remaining

I will leave you with this view I took across the field towards the church and canal

Take Care


  1. The canal shots were fascinating - I have never seen a canal in operation. At times I thought of going down to Panama to see that one - it's not that far by air.
    Thanks for sharing at

    1. That one is not quite the same as the ones here

  2. Love these photos of your walk on the canal.

  3. I sure would like to walk along there!!!

  4. Seeing the boats is very fun. Great shots.

  5. Beautiful views. What draws me is the comparative narrowness to our Canal.


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