Monday 7 November 2022

Halloween Photos


Last week I cried off as I went off for a few days but left a post Monday of a Halloween Collage, well it was that time. If you saw the post then this week I'm showing where they were taken and some more of what was there.

I noticed something happening a few days before so went along a couple of days before Halloween and saw this in the front garden

Headstones and bone everywhere

Hands poking through a grate in the ground OK old pallet. The hanging skeleton was new because last time I looked it was the post and noose

Two days later and the garden looked like this

An authentic Betelgeuse headstone

Red Ghosts flying around

It was a scene from nightmares

Loved the sack ghost

and more Betelgeuse figures

Really I cannot recall what this is

The house entrance was scary

as was the entrance to the whole place, the kids were going to love it and no doubt a few adults as well

Take Care


  1. I'm becoming rather a curmudgeon I suppose but I don't like all the creepy stuff. It has turned me off of Halloween altogether. If I were a child, it would frighten me half to death. Even as an adult, it leaves me with an icky feeling.

  2. People are so creative even if it is creepy with skeletons and monsters. Halloween is really colorful and full of creative death celebrations.

    1. I love going past the place to see what they have done

  3. I love the Halloween pictures! The decorations are great.

  4. some people really go all out with their decorations for Halloween.

  5. They look great. Some people make a huge effort to decorate their gardens for Halloween.

  6. My kind of decorations. The only problem with Halloween is that once it's passed, the stores unleash an onslaught of all Christmas, all the time.

  7. Heck - that looks scary! Great idea though.

  8. Neat photos, the beetlejuice one is the best.


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