Monday, 1 August 2022

Some Macro


This week I go from long lens to short, 100 2.8 Macro lens my wife bought me and I thought was time I had a little play again. Normally I would use it on a tripod but all these were done hand held.The first four photos were taken in my garden the rest I went to the allotments nearby to take.

Agapanthus beautiful blue

The individual flowers stand out

Globe Thistle

bees love it 

In the Allotments Chrysanthemums look pretty as well 

But not my favourite 

I noticed some movement in this Artichoke flower

A bee stuck it's head out

Then carried on collecting pollen 

I think this was a hollyhock 

Onion seed heads

Loads of Chrysanthemums
Apples were growing 

And the bees were happy collecting pollen
Take Care


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