Thursday 26 May 2022

Dull Day in Wales


We went to our caravan a couple of weeks ago just to chill out which was just the job though it was rather a dull day which we did not mind 

Taking the dog for a walk around 9:15am it was chilly with dark clouds seen overhead

Over towards Aberedw a lighter sky could be seen

Looking down the lake showed little difference

Going back  the way we came I looked out between the bushes to see the hills in a thin layer of mist

Even the sheep were laying down today

The clouds kept rolling along

Lunchtime and we were weeding the pitch and I looked up to see dark cloud threatening rain

Around tree 13:30 it tipped down and I looked out the window to get a photo, no more going out there for a while.
Happy Skywatch


  1. I enjoy cloudy days like this, and even some rain would be welcome!

  2. I enjoy walking under skies like that and making it back before the rains come. :)

  3. I love those cloudy, grey days.

  4. I love cloudy days and the green scenery. It looks so peaceful there in your place that I appreciate it so much!


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