Tuesday 13 December 2016

Behind the Fence

Following on from my previous posts I decided to go up and check out what was being done behind the big fence you see

Quite a long section had bee fenced off from  view

Behind it was obvious they were stripping back the top layer of soil looking for archaeology, the yellow markings showed areas of interest

This is what the rest of the field looks like

Lucky one of the archaeologists saw me hanging about and came over, his assistant had a bucket which he showed a few things they picked up, some of it Roman. There were roof tiles and parts of pots, the small round one is the base of a little beaker.

This one he held up was off a storage jar

The last time the dug ten months ago they found a Roman Building or Villa in that fenced off area and it was excavated, had I realised I'd have been round like a shot. The building extended off to the right under some 1960's housing and no doubt was badly damaged in the work being done. I came away feeling quite pleased we had such history in the Village. The fenced off area was covered to preserve what is left of the building and will become a childrens play area. Don't worry I'll be back for an update as they are going to do an open day to show people what they found.
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  1. It pays to be nosy when things happen in your area. Great find, Bill. We are being inundated with new housing developments that no-one but the council and the developers want.

    1. We know this was coming as it's been on the cards for a while, it the area I showed last week that was not and is of concern

  2. It is good they will include the local community when they show any artefacts they find.

  3. That is so interesting. I love thinking about people who lived somewhere thousands of years ago.

  4. Good of the archaeologist to show you what was found. He must have sensed you were very interested in your local history. Also good to know that there will be an open day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How cool they found those Roman artifacts, and nice of the archaeologist to show you them.

  6. That's the sort of thing that would fascinate me. It is a slow going, meticulous line of work.


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