Thursday 28 November 2019

New House Clouds

After visiting the church in the blog last Friday I went to get some photos of a housing estate that had been built on an old farm in the village. The sky had a few clouds on a blue sky with hints of dark clouds among them

 Hard to believe that a over a year ago this was pasture land
 This is back to wards the main road
On the other side of the trees is more pasture though I think that is now ear marked for building on


  1. Beautiful skies and I mourn the loss of pastureland. Here where I live, the best vegetable farms make the best land for housing developments. Flat with good drainage. Houses are sprouting up like weeds.

  2. Beautiful sky. I wish we could keep all our pastureland and open space.

  3. Beautiful skies there. I love that first photo.

  4. It looks very pleasant and the sky is great!

  5. Beautiful skies and photos. It's too bad that a lot of pasture is being developed on.
    The comment I made about chips, I meant crisps but it came out as chips. :) Now I need some because we are out of them.

  6. It's never surprising for me to see a shocking transition from farmland one week and a subdivision the next around Houston where I live. Things change quickly and dramatically here.

  7. Love the skies and photos, unfortunately with populations growing this is what happens. Always a good chance though to get to knew new people.


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