Monday 27 May 2019

Hospital Walk

There are times when I struggle to find what to post on Our World Tuesday but usually I manage to find something, at the moment I have a enough to choose from. Today I will show a place that took up a fare bit of my time a few years ago out of which came a blog called Forgotten Fairmile. I took a walk around the place a couple of weeks ago for some new photos. These are a few of the ones I took and with some of them you will find a link taking you to the blog about the place. The places used to be Fair Mile Hospital and was a mental hospital where my parents used to work

 The main administration block, in my blog I called it The Oval after the central lawn you see. The frontage was used in an episode of Midsummer Murders

This is another place which used to be the male airing courts where the male patients  were allowed to walk around in the fresh air The blog was called the Hermitage Lawn. The one thing I noticed was the tree that was here has been cut down

This is Faringdon ward and was where the female patients were looked after, on the right is the airing courts where they were allowed to go out and walk you can see the blog which I called The Faringdon Lawn
 This is a view over towards the Great Hall, on the left is where Basildon and Caversham wards used to be

This is the old Chapel which was used up to a few years before the hospital closed  I have to admit I could have cried when I saw the state it had got after all the years empty. Now it's future is still unknown.
Last on the list today is the Boilerhouse a place where my friends father used to work. This was the entrance to the building. If you have time visit the links and have a look at how the places have changed. The Forgotten Fairmile blog in limbo at the moment and is updated from time to time though I do note there are a few of blogs I can still write on the place.
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  1. What is the building used for now? It is a very large property, I wondered if it had been converted into residential apartments.

  2. Hello, the buildings look nice. Is it still a hospital? Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  3. It is a large place and very solid looking. Here in Oklahoma, USA. The state government shut down most of the mental hospitals and basically turned the patients loose. Now our county jails are the mental hospitals. A sad state of affairs.

  4. The grounds and bldg. look well tended. Must have kept many patients in its time.
    What will happen to such a place?

  5. Such a beautiful place to walk around and photograph. Lovely buildings and interesting history.

  6. Wow it's all very grand isn't it? I bet there's alot of memories and feelings inside.

  7. Wow, indeed. Those were the days.


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