Monday 20 May 2019

The Four Arches

The Moulsford Viaduct also known locally as the Four Arches, the photo below was taken over ten years ago on the  South Stoke side of the river I have not been back since to update the photo. The tow path here is part of the Ridgeway walk from Goring to Mongewell where you leave the river.

This is the approach on the Cholsey side of the river again it was taken
over ten years ago and is where yo follow the Thames path

Under the arch it would have looked like this

On my recent visit it looks like this

Between the arches you see this, the photo one the left was taken from on top of the base you see,
Since it was taken 
Electric pylons have been added

 This was taken from the river meadow

Which is over to the left of the fence, Ten years ago this was the Thames path

The fence is still there but so is a lot of green fence put up by Network Rail making it a little difficult to get another shot from the meadow which is owned by a school

There is even more green fence stopping you getting to the river here. You can see the electrification pylons in the photo. At least when Network Rail put in the railway electrification they were sympathetic to the bridge. If you follow the link at the beginning of the blog you fill find more information on Wikipedia.
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  1. I like all of these, but that first is my favorite because of the lighting.

  2. Love your first photo! Nice light and reflections.

  3. I've travelled that line many times, so must have unknowingly passed over the bridge. It's a fine piece of design and deserves its Grade II* designation.

  4. What a grand place to visit. Love these photos.

  5. Amazing the changes in those years


  6. A pretty place to visit!
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us at


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