Monday 6 May 2019

Llandrindod Wells

Llandrindod Wells is an old spa town in Wales. As it has a supermarket it tends to be where I go shopping when we are in Wales and need food, I don't offten get a chance to go into the twon but I wanted to get a few photos of some memorial seats in the park. So I walked off up town and took photos of some of the interesting part sof the town.

Walking up from the  supermarket you pass High Street

It has some nice looking buildings along it

At the top of the road is a road junction where you look down Park Cresent, at least that is what the rusty sign tells you
 The statue here is of Thomas Jones a Welsh artist who lived locally

The hotel above is called the  Metropole Hotel & Spa, when we drive past we often see people having afternoon tea on the veranda, I have often wanted to take my wife there for tea but having a dog tends to curtail that.
Right the hotel is called the Glen Usk Hotel

Heading back I took this photo of this building  a building I quite admire because of the balcony and it looks so well kept, pity the shops are empty

The station is quite unique in that it still has a signal box, very few stations have them now

The station building still have the glass topped canopy on them dating back to when it was built by the Victorians 

The one other opposite side does not have one now but it does have a unique feature
This Victorian Post box,  The thing that struck me was the canopy protecting it. When I looked at the photo I noticed the post box was made of wood. It is one of only eight left in the country, seven are in Museums and this one is the only one still in use.
Hop eyou enjoyed my little tour around Llandrindod Wells
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  1. Thank you for the tour of Llandrindod Wells. A pretty place! The buildings are very quaint and attractive. Intriguing about the Victorian Post Box.

  2. Looks a lovely little town but I am most drawn to the station. That Victorian postbox is a real find. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I so love a post like this...I really recommend getting photos of old towns when you can. Our little downtown area is so changed a person finds it hard to remember how it once was. I always hate passing through towns and no time to stop and document.

  4. I enjoyed this tour very much. I love the old post box. About 15 years ago, I took a train from London to Portmeirion in Wales and I have some very fond memories of that train ride through the Welsh countryside. I'm glad you toured us around this pretty little town.

    1. Now that is a place I treally want to visit, I used to love watching the Prisoner which was filmed there

  5. That station is indeed quite interesting. I've never seen a staircase quite like that!
    Thanks for joining the linkup at

  6. Thanks for the tour. The detail I liked the most was the glass canopy.

  7. Thank you for a very nice cybertour.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  8. I like the architecture. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love seeing these old buildings there. Beautiful.

  10. A pleasant looking spot. The Jones statue stands out well.

  11. Interesting buildings. That statue of Thomas Jones has a really tall pedestal.


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