Sunday 28 October 2018

More Fungus

So a week or so after seeing the Fly Agaric the other week when we were up on the hillside I thought that would be the end of it and that the fungi would be dying off by now but to our surprise  my wife spotted some new ones on a bank beside a wood

 The fallen trees on the bank

You can just make out the fungi beside the post on the right

They looked really nice close up

 Not far away in the wood were more growing

 We moved on further up the path to where the original fungi was growing and spotted a load in the wood

With more growing up through the dead leaves and wood

We left the fungi to grow in peace

Not far away the fungi we saw previous was now dying and feeding the bank it grew on
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Some very colourful fungi. The close ups are beautiful.

  2. Very pretty! I've been seeing a lot of cool fungi lately, and they are fascinating!

  3. Fungi … such an odd name for growth that can look like pretty tables for fairies in the forest, although luckily it does have the word “fun” in it. :)

  4. They really are very pretty and they make for wonderful photographs.

  5. I love seeing the fungi there. Really so cool and beautiful.

  6. Beautiful shots. They are everywhere!


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