Monday, 1 January 2018

The Crown

Driving through the village of South Moreton the other day I noticed some signs proclaiming Save our Pub. The pub in question was the Crown which had cosed a while ago and was for sale. The villagers had gotten a petition together to try and save the pub for the village

This is the Crown, unfortunately I don't have a photo of it in its open state but once it was very popular,in fact I used to go there when I was younger for the odd meal. The landlord would laugh at peoples looks when they were served up with a stake as big as a plate with some chips and peas on it, most people failed to finish the banquet on a plate. After he retired a few others took the pub over and it still served a good meal though it was a little upmarket now. What with the economy the way it was the pub failed to keep going and closed down. This left the village with no pub (it's not the only one) so now a campaign has started to keep the pub open.

I can only wish them luck in their endeavour as it would be a shame to loose another village pub.
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 Happy new Year to all me readers and followers


  1. Happy New Year to you! I always feel sad when a long standing business goes the way of the dodo bird but it is happening in record numbers it seems.

  2. The pub is the heart of a village so it is more than just sad when they close. I sincerely hope their luck changes and it is able to open again. Happy New Year Bill. Hope it is a healthy and happy one for you.

  3. Well best of luck to them. I hope their campaign works.

  4. Tough times, for sure but I wish you a happy new year!

  5. A familiar story. In a neighbouring the villagers have bought their pub and organise all sorts of events - art exhibitions, music nights, comedy nights, quizzes - as well as providing beer and food. In my village the pub almost closed but is now thriving. Lets hope this one can be saved too.

  6. Hopefully it works. A proper British pub is an institution.

  7. Happy New Year! We loved the “real” pubs we found but even 10 yrs ago realized they were in danger. A shame. Beautiful pictures!

  8. How about a cooperative.
    Get a few like minded people and croud fund!


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