Thursday 6 April 2017

Moulsford Bottom

Few weeks ago I published some photos from a place called Lowbury Hill this was all for a blog I wrote for my Rural Explorations Blog and called the Battle of Ashdown. These are the last photos I took that day. You can read about it in the link. 

 The photo here looks through Mouslford Bottom, just around the hill to the left you will come to the Thames around a mile from here
 This is a wider view of Moulsford Bottom
 Turning around 180deg you look up this part called Unhill Bottom
If you walked past the farm here and around the bend in the distance it will bring you to a place called Deans Bottom. I've yet to walk that part.
Taking Part in Skywatch Friday


  1. nice

  2. Hello, pretty countryside scenes. I love the lambs.
    Happy Thursday!, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  3. It looks like a lovely area to explore, Bill!

  4. The country here is so beautiful! Very relaxing just to view the photos.

  5. Beautiful green countryside there and wide-open sky views!

  6. Hi Bill, I think your Lowbury Hill post was the one where I commented that I liked the scenery so much. This Mouslford Bottom gives me the same sense of peace and tranquility. What a great place for a walk. In the third photo, Unhill Bottom, I wonder what the crop is way over on the left side behind a fence … looks like might be a vineyard? Thanks, as always, for sharing. Have a fine weekend ahead!


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