Monday 11 April 2016

The Epynt Ranges

Over last weekend my wife & I were down in Wales at our caravan, it was being serviced so we went off for a few hours and ended up on the Epynt ranges I only realised after my wife said we had not driven along the road before, then I noticed the fence with waning signs on. We took a road that then went through the range and stopped off at one of the viewing points .

The entrance to the Epynt ranges, the small hut you see would have been a guard house back in 1939 when the army took it over

The hills look so peaceful 

but the red flag tells a different story. The ranges are used for practise firing of artillery and small arms

which does not stop the sheep grazing. Warnings about for you to stick to the footpaths and not pick any objects up

The road leading through the range to Garth

looking across he range

you get  a wonderful view down to the valleys

and across the hills the way we had come. The roads here are used in Motor sport and is a favourite for Rallying on the closed roads

I heard firing going on in the distance and my wife said she saw people moving around on the moors. We left to go back to the campsite and will return with a picnic to take on one of the picnic areas

I'll leave you with this panoramic view of the Eypnt Ranges


  1. The view to the valley is beautiful.

  2. This is a beautiful place. It's interesting that you can wander around with testing going on. Here in New Zealand, a main road goes through the Army practice area :)

  3. Hello, pretty countryside and landscapes. The sheep are cute! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. What a fantastic view! It looks like a perfect place for a picnic.

  5. Pretty country. I'm always amazed at how much some of your landscapes remind me of some of ours! (especially right now when some actual rain has turned our hills green).

  6. Such an interesting and beautiful place. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your adventure here.

  7. A magnificent landscape. One of our military bases is a couple of hours to the northwest of here, and you can see some of their drill ranges as you pass through.


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