Monday 2 March 2015

Return to Basildon Park

A few weeks ago my wife & I decided to pop back and visit Basildon Park on a quiet day when there were fewer people about so I thought I'd show a few photos I took round the House.

The entrance hall with floral display and piano
 More displays as you go round in the rooms

 Looking down the stairwell past the light
 Very nice lamp in another of the bedrooms

how about this for a small sewing machine

This was the shell room where the walls are decorated in sea shells

 this must have taken some skill to do
especially when you see something like this

Going back down to the Kitchen this was one thing I saw, a Kenwood Chef food mixer with a floral display in it.

 In the kitchen this lady was making heart shaped biscuits though we did not try any. I noticed this Great old Advert for Bisto, I remember seeing the adverts when they were on TV I also still use Bisto to make gravy.

I'll leave you with this view of the house and Alice's Tree
Taking Part in Out World Tuesday


  1. Gorgeous place! Two things strike me when looking at these photos. Those flower arrangements are stunning and that shell design is just plain amazing. Wonderful tour!

  2. What a beautiful mansion, would suit me too, of course with enough personal !

  3. Great pictures! The Chinese lady that is the lamp base is a Chinese Medicine Doll - and everything is there underneath the outfit! The outfit for her and the man who is the other lamp base were made by Lady Illife! Thought you might find that interesting! Sorry that I don't get by here that often, for some reason the posts don't come up on my feed!

  4. Great pictures Bill. This place has been on my 'must visit' list for sometime - looks fascinating.

  5. It is beautiful inside and out! I love that staircase.


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