Monday 9 March 2015

Lacock Village

If any of you follow or read my other blogs you will have see I visited the village of Lacock a while ago so today I will share with you some photo's from the Village itself.

One of the pub's in the village

The NT  who own the village have their own shop there as well

the place also has a post office

The main street through the village

Nice old house but the part with the bars in the window is now a bus shelter

This lot coming out from the pub must have been a tour party as they were stood round outside the pub when I went past

Another of the pubs, this one is near the church

and the old village school which is still in use as a school

I'll leave you with this stitch photo of a tythe barn in the village I walked into on the way back to the carpark. 
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Lovely village and what a fabulous barn.

  2. I love these English villages ! I always have the feeling that time stood still !

  3. A lovely place. I don't think I realized the National Trust also has shops.


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