Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Farnham Castle

Normally I would write a separate blog on a place like Farnham Castle but there did not see a lot to see let alone photograph. My Wife & I had taken the opportunity of visiting the place along with Waverley Abbey nearby and had stopped off here first. The place is run by English Heritage and I was disappointed to find you could not even get a cup of tea there, still that aside the place is well looked after.

 About all that is left of the castle is the keep which dates back to 1138
 Mind you the walls look quite imopseing

 Back then you would not have been climbing these steps as there would have been a drawbridge here

There would have been a dry moat and a Drawbridge here

 This is the keep now. Not sure what was going on but the people here were hanging about for something going on in the Bishops Palace
 Will say the view was quite nice
And this looks down to the Bishops Palace which was home to the Bishop of Winchester from when it was first built. I think it was odd the Bishop of Winchester lived in Surrey.

 This is part of the Bishops Palace
 You can see this over the entrance door

This part is a Tudor building

Stained glass windows

I dipped out as when there was a function being prepared when I looked in the room these were in and I could not get in to get a photo from the inside.
Maybe I should have asked.

This looks out from the castle to a park

Part of the grounds to the Bishops Palace . The walls are the outer ones of the castle
I'll leave you with this view of the Garden at the Bishops Palace
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  1. Magnificent shots!

  2. Marvelous!! So glad I stopped by!
    Please come share by linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2014/09/shell-game-linky.html

  3. Thanks for this fantastic tour! There is a lot of history in those walls.

  4. What a beautiful place to visit. Wonderful photograhs!

  5. Those walls are still quite impressive and some beautiful views.

  6. Definitely an imposing wall. Your photos really have me wanting to visit England more and more. :-)

  7. Looks like a really nice place to visit, especially with that blue sky.
    You must complain about the lack of tea though, how could they! ;-)

  8. Stunning view from the rooftop


  9. Fantastic! Thanks for showing this interesting place.

  10. A lovely place, even as a ruin. Those stained glass windows appeal to me particularly.


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