Monday 15 September 2014

Waverley Abbey

My last Our World Tuesday post was on Farham Castle, well after my wife & I visited Waverley Abbey which you can see in the link but I thought I'd share a few other photos from  the place as well.

Not sure many people take much notice of this which is still an important part of out history of the second world war. A type 22 pillbox

This is the inside of a loopholed wall which is a defensive position near

This large type 28 pillbox. The whole area has many more pillboxes which lay forgotten like these.
 On the way to the abbey you can see this bridge which crosses a pond and leads to Waverley Abbey House
 And this is the House which was not open on the occasion we were there
The Abbey or the ruins of them

The abbey ruins as you come up to them along the path
 I took this just before we left the place, it's the gatehouse cottage to the old house estate, place looks a bit derelict at the time
Nearby is this old disused bridge I doubt anyone notices, it would have taken people into the estate at one time. So there you are, a few photos from places round the old abbey.
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  1. love it! how old is the abbey

    1. It was founded somtim in the 1100's but the ruins you see were laid around 1203.

  2. I think of you everytime I see a pillbox! I always enjoy wandering around ruins and thinking about the generations of people before me who have walked the same path.

  3. The estate house is really grand and I love the cottage too. Too bad the bridge hasn't been taken care of... but I guess you can't have everything.
    PS: What is a pillbox?

    1. A pillbox was a defensive position where they would have held of an invasion during the second world war. The first one would have had machine guns pointing out and the second an anti tank gun. These formed part of what was a stop line in the area round London and there are more all round the country still. I've traced the Red Line along the Thames I've also written a few other blogs on it as well

  4. Wonderful shots - I really like the gatehouse.

  5. I could live in that little cottage. Just the right size. :-)

  6. Such a contrast between the large house, the ruins of the abbey, and that pillbox.


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