Monday 25 September 2023



 There has been a coffee shop here for a number of years, CJ's should have opened six months previous after the last owner decided to give up the lease. During the winter a pipe burst caused flodding in all the nearby premises, CJ's suffered the worst. Eventually the work was done and CJ's opened

 CJ's is differnt in that it  is more like an American Dinner

 This was a private even for the opening

Inside the place is well laid out for people to eat or have coffee

They have a wonderful array of Danish pastries

Along with cakes and biscuits (Cookies)

 It may look empty in the photo but it was early and I have not seen it with out people there so the place is popular. The food my son tells me is very good, I have tasted it and agree.

Take Care


  1. That all looks very delicious. I would like one of each, please! Yum.

  2. Looks like a great place with lots of good things to eat.
    Doesn't look like any diner around here though. :) Diners here have a counter with stools to sit at and booths.

  3. Great place to eat if you have a sweet tooth.

  4. Looks worth the wait although the owner probably has different thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


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