Monday 19 June 2023

The Ducks


Remember the photo of the duck nesting on Friday well I went out the next day with my camera and 400mm lens to get some more photos

I started by taking this one of a bee in a flower

Spotted this bird on a bullrush, I thought it was a sparrow

I got a better photo of the duck which had ducklings if you look. Just after I took the photo I went along the lake for a better viewpoint only to watch a coot swimming towards the next with nesting material. Next thing I see was the duck go for the coot and the ducklings scatter.

They disappeared into the reeds

Can you see it in the reeds

The coot had to dive underwater to get away from the duck and moments later popped up and was back with it's own young

I took this a week later with the same long lens and the ducklings sat around mum

I got a little close so they decided to go and hide. Turns out there are 5 duckings.

As you can see 5 duckings, I made a retreat after this and they went back to mum.
Take Care


  1. Lovely photos. Those ducklings are so cute. I hope they all live very nice long lives there.

  2. Wonderful shots! So glad you doubled back to get them and then shared them with us at

  3. Some great shots. Love the duck and her babies. So cute.

  4. So nice to see the duck with her babies.

    All the best Jan

  5. These are very nice photos, and well worth your walk the next day.


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