Thursday 21 July 2022

Hot day Sunset


If you missed me on Wordless Wednesday the I can only give my apologies. This week was the  hottest of record here in the UK and I remember the drought in 1976 which was hot but tame in comparison. By the time Tuesday came around I really did not feel like posting a blog. I had intended to show some skys from a few I have been collecting recently but I think this week should be shown.

Around 8:45 I noticed the sunset so I went out the front of the house and took this shot

Going up to the bathroom I managed a few more

back to a standard view

There was even a cloud floating around

This is a stitch shot out the back over the village, not much cloud there either. The day peeked at 39.3c and overnight we had little sleep as it was 28c.

By 9am the next day it was 33c and this photo was taken at 11:54 shows 39.3

The readings outside are taken by a thermometer which is inside the birdhouse to shelter it from the rain

This was the temperature at midday

and this is how the  garden looked from inside patio doors. I had hoped that was it
but no!

Half an hour later it hit 40c and kept going

finally peeking at 14:18 where it hovered for the next couple of hours. It did cool down and ended up being 28c in our bedroom most of the night. little sleep was had as by 4am we were up but that is another story. So that was two days of Hell we kept the curtains and blinds shut all day  and tried to shade the patio doors. During the day London burned and you have to feel for the poor souls who lost their houses in the fires. I'd like to think we will get no more day like that but I feel it will not.
The weather has now cooled down to a more comfortable temperature, we just need rain now.

Happy Skywatch


  1. I've been hearing about this on the news. These are typical summer temps in the desert. The big difference is we expect them and are used to them. Also the humidity is much less, which makes the heat more tolerable. Please stay safe!!

    1. No fun I can tell you but at least the temp has cooled now and we had a little rain a while ago

  2. I can't imagine what it was like to be there in such heat like that. I'm so glad that the temps are finally starting to cool down. It's lovely that you went out and photographed that sky.

  3. That sure is HOT. Hope you get that rain to cool things off.

  4. Wow, even for Oklahoma that is hot. The difference is that we all have air conditioning and where you live, not so much. Makes for some miserable times, especially at night. I hope things cool down for you soon. Great photos!!

  5. I don't like heat . It's been up to 29 C here and I find it very uncomfortable.

  6. I experienced that type of heat back years ago when I lived in a part of the United States where it was normal - of course, there was air conditioning. I shudder thinking of the millions like you experiencing this. I hope your respite continues. If this isn't a wake up call for the world I don't know what is.

  7. Beautiful skies.

    We sometimes get hot spells like that but we're used to it.

  8. The heatwave has been on the news here, 57% humidity isn't bad, usually we get 99% here in Summer

  9. Our usual daily temperatures in July and August are 32.7 C, but we have ceiling fans in every room and we have air conditioning for our house and it's set on 25.5 C.

    I'm so sorry that you and your country and your continent are suffering through this terrible heat.


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