Monday 21 February 2022

The Storm


For the past few days the British Isles have been battered by storms, the most violent so far was in the Friday 18th Feb, it began during the night and as the day went on became more powerful with 80mph winds in places. Many places in the UK were affected with damage from the winds and flooding that went along with the storm. I feel our area got away lightly. I took some photos during the hight of the storm

Around the hight of the storm I popped up to our bedroom to take a photo. Now from this photo you might notice it down not look much different to normal

The oak tree is being blown around

 But this is what I wanted to see, the person who owns this property had put a tarpaulin over something & we wondered how well it was anchored. From what I am seeing here not very, the tarpaulin is in tatters

Our olive tree was taking a battering

But next doors tree sis not fair so well, my son was looking out the window and saw the branch fall telling us
A couple of hours later I looked out of the back door an noticed the trees being whipped about but also something else, A rainbow

A full one if a little faint after I went outside to take it.
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  1. It's been an interesting few days! We seemed to get off fairly lightly too, though the winds were certainly powerful. Had the leaves been on the trees I'm sure we'd have lost a lot more.

  2. That was quite a wind storm you had there. Hurricane force winds are really so powerful, it's hard to imagine it. Glad there wasn't too much damage there.

  3. I don't like windstorms. Yours was a big wind storm when trees are blown down.

  4. We haven't lost anything new in the last two...having three storms in quick succession was no joke, especially after the previous pair! We keep an eye on the weather that friends in East coast USA are having..we seem to get it a week or two after they have it!
    Hi, via Codlins and Cream 🙂

  5. I like the rainbow. Right now we are getting high winds.

  6. I enjoy taking photos in bad weather but the rainbows afterward are quite comforting.

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


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