Monday 30 August 2021

Road Closed


Early on this month after coming back from Wales I noticed the load we lived along was closed, so being nosey I though I'd have a look to see what was going on

 Looking down the road you could see the centre of the village blocked off

As you got near to the centre a long swath of road had been milled up

The tarmac machine was waiting to lay the top surface

In the centre the silly roundabouts and need refurbished with new tarmac and white lines. The council had fixed pat of the road in the village but much more is in need of doing like most of the roads in Oxfordshire.

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  1. The road work there looks very much like the road work here. Lots of paving machines and orange cones blocking the lanes.

  2. Those teeny tiny roundabouts seem senseless to me! Most of the ones that seem reasonable to me are larger, but I've seen lots of folks just sail right over small flat ones like this.
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. Not so different from how it's done here.

  4. At least they are resurfacing the whole road and not just filling in the pot holes which they seem to do more often than not.

  5. That's a good enough reason to close the road, although sometimes I wonder if the roads really do need doing again and again when they look perfectly fine.

    1. In this case very necessary due to the years of neglect by the council which is now coming back to bight them in the arse

  6. Same problem here: potholes that make the roads dangerous for cyclists and white lines that have all but worn away - and lack of maintenance for years. I suppose we can't have it both ways though - complaining about the state of the roads and the delays caused by resurfacing work.

  7. Everywhere I go in Toronto there is road work! It is almost a joke.

  8. Road work is a big thing in Las Vegas too. Detours, blocked streets and so many orange cones. It's nice when it's done though.

  9. We have constant road work here, except in the coldest part of winter. Then they do emergency work but save maintenance for non-freezing weather.


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