Monday 3 May 2021

In the Greenhouse


I think this week it is time we went back to have a look in the greenhouse and see what is growing. I must admit I planed the seeds a little early but that aside they grew and  most of them are doing well

These are various tomato plants

Bit of a mixture on this one

And the last one has more tomato plants

Most of these are a verity called Alicante

Now I was not sure about growing these but decided to in the end, they are  Aubergines

Cucumbers, first ones withered away but these look to be doing OK

Romano Plumb

More Alicante and beside them are pots which contain Runner beans. My wife saved some seeds from Sugar Drop tomato and another she called Prunellas Itsy witsy  tomato seeds which are also growing well. I also have beef tomato growing. Most of them will be given away as I will only be growing a few of the strongest ones I have shown, I do not have room for them all

I will leave you to ponder this, What do you think I am going to make with this wood, I show the answer in another blog.

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  1. Thanks to your greeenhouse, your plants are ahead of mine, CA climate notwithstanding! Those look great.

  2. Replies
    1. Sim, é a única coisa que consigo fazer com que minhas plantas sejam iniciadas. Tenha uma boa semana

  3. While I don't have a clue what you will build with that wood, Billy, here's a guess - perhaps a shelf for more plants? The ones you have started look to be doing well and I am envious that you will have lots of fresh veggies in time.


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