Monday 24 May 2021

Fforest Wood


 A couple of weeks ago I took you all on a walk up the hill near were we stay in Wales, on the first occasion we took the quicker way down which is down a steep incline across the hillside I notice the remaining part of Fforest Wood as some damage from the winds we had during the winter

Over the past few years the hillside has been cleared of all the old fir trees that were growing here being replaced by native hardwood trees. The wood you see here is the remaining part of the original woods

Zooming in the damage was quite evident
The next day we went up the hill and came down another route not quite as steep

As you stand beside the damaged trees you can see what the gales have done blowing over the trees like matchsticks

By the way the path we too came under some of the fallen trees

The trees had come up with their shallow roots

Looking from further on you can see the trees from further up the hillside some of which that have fallen over the path we came on

The trees further down a tangled mess

At least new life can be seen in the hillside ferns with bluebells popping their head through the leaves.
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  1. Interesting post and photos. Thanks for sharing .

  2. Pleased to see that they are replanting the area with native trees.

    1. Yes they are slowly growing but looking a lot better in places now

  3. A bit treacherous to walk among.

  4. Wind can be so powerful on nature, do you think the area will be replanted?

  5. Wow - I would be sad to see the trees mowed down even recognizing that native plantings would be better ecologically.
    Thanks for sharing at

    1. Yes considering fir trees are not native to the area


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