Monday, 24 August 2020

The Wasp & the Fly

Back in July we noticed a new pile of sawdust by the raised flower bed. We new from previous years that a type of Ectemnius (solitary wasp) making it's nest there. So I thought I would capture one (an image) with my camera so I set it up on a gorilla pod and attached the remote setting the camera on high frame capture then waited.

This was the only shot I managed of the wasp landing with it's prey which is a fly. In previous years I had seen them flying clutching a fly but getting a shot of one proved very hard even landing. The fly is used as food for the larva when it hatches.

A few minuets after the was went in the next I noticed this fly sniffing around outside

It then went to investigate the opening

and went inside for a look

I did wonder if the wasp would come out and snatch it for it's nest

But now it scurried away before said wasp came out

Out came the wasp

quickly turning on to the side

The the next moment  after I took this it was gone

I think the fly was pushing it's luck because it hung about

Even with the was emerging from it's nest

at times a couple of centimetres apart

Getting ready to fly
The blur is the was flying off. The was is still burrowing in the sleepers and the wood dust has gotten bigger at one stage my wife cleared some away so it could get in the nest. Orthogonally we did try to discourage them nesting but now we leave them to get on with it they don't bother us after all then kill fly's and that can't be bad.
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  1. Fascinating!
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. Very interesting photos. We have an invasion of some kind of very large bee in our flower beds- like maybe 12 nests.. yikes

  3. An interesting series of photos. I don't like wasps but have to admit their nests are a work of art. We had one in the loft a couple of years ago and had to get a specialist in to remove it along with its residents.

    1. Lucky we have not had one in a while though there might be a old one over our porch in the void there we cannot get to. I've found a few golf ball sized nests over the years one in the awning of our caravan

  4. You captured a lot of insect activity here.

    1. A lot more photos than that, just amused me wathcing the fly

  5. They're great shots, I've never seen them like that before. If they don't bother you, it's good!

    1. We only noticed them when we saw the pile of sawdust a couple of years ago

  6. Wow, drama can be very small!

  7. All the things that go on around us that we never notice in normal times.

  8. What a cool story in pictures! The fly sure was lucky.

    It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for being here. A link back would be awesome :)


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