Monday 3 December 2018

More development

While waiting for the bus home from Wallingford the other day I could not help notice a couple of things happening in the town.

 This pile of rubble you see was Wallingford Police station. It was closed and sold off as part of cost saving. 

 This is what it used to look like back in 2010 and then it was part time. When I was a youngster it was fully manned and had a complement of police that patrolled the Town and outlying villages. I wonder where the government is going with this because it does not seem right to me, we need more police not less

 So into Town and this area had been cleared, all I can tell you was there used to be derelict barn over near the red barrier in the distance. I suspect all this will be redeveloped

I'll finish with this. The building used to be the Westminster Bank Or Nat West as it was latterly known. A couple of months ago it closed due to cost cutting and on-line banking (which I do not have or trust) It now leave three Banks in Wallingford and a lot of unhappy customers of Nat West. I wonder how many moved banks over this. I now await to see what will happen to this building.
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  1. And of course the redevelopment, whatever they are, will not fit in with the surroundings.

  2. It's always sad (to me) to see old services and buildings being demolished and the brand, spanking new put it. It's been going on in earnest where I live and it's been going on for quite some time. I don't mind change, I just feel unsettled when there is an abundance of it in a short time. I hope the changes won't continue for your town.

  3. You seldom see a policeman on the beat these days. And to judge by the number of speeding drivers I see there can't be many about in cars either. As for the banks I'm afraid I'm part of the problem - I've done everything online for years and have only visited my bank very occasionally.

    1. Not sure to say there John, never took you as being one to take to on line banking. Was a time when the village bobby knew what was going on, now they would not know anything unless they read it on social media. As for speeding they tend to try and catch you with a mobile camera van as I found out the other day when I had to hit the breaks before going into a thiryt limit where one was waiting. Just have to home I was not caught.

  4. Interesting to watch towns change over time. We have a fairly substantial police presence here, but I think that's because it's a wild hippie college town.

  5. Where is Barnaby when you need him?

  6. Hi, Bill. I'm sorry to hear your town is going through a big change. I used to write Take 25 to Hollister blog. It's still up, and maybe one day I may post again there. Within the last three years, developments have been popping up in what were once orchards and row fields. It's rather maddening at times.


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