Monday, 28 May 2018

Watching the Birds

These photos were taken over a few days down at Fforest Fields campsite

Above I noticed this little fellow sitting on the coverd bridge I was going through and turing around I saw why, there was a nest above my head

By the lake this fellow was sat on post looking at me

Thought he would hav e look for a grub or two

#My good side do you think

These two kept swimming off on me

So there I was beside my caravan when I looked over at next doors and saw what looks like  a load of mud stuck on the back wheel

 Is that a nest with a beak 

O yes and keeping an eye on me

A few days late and some one had been out feeding

Then back on the nest and keeping an eye out
I'll let you know how they get on when I go down next, might have some fledlings hopping around

Taking part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Here's hoping that caravan doesn't move before the birds are done with the nest.

  2. I love these birds you discovered - especially the mama on her nest in the wheel. Hope they don't move the camper before the babies hatch and then fledge!!!!
    Mary -

  3. I would think that caravan's going to be stationary for some time to come, with little ones in a wheel well!

  4. Lovely series of pictures. Blackbirds seem to specialise in imaginative nest sites.

  5. Wonderful series of the birds. A nice variety! I love the swallows. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  6. I love seeing the birds there. That nest on the tire is really such a wild surprise.

  7. I love the wagtail. I hope they won't move the caravan while the birds are in the nest.

  8. Oh my goodness I hope that caravan isn’t going to move any time soon! Love all the pics, but for some reason especially the one with the bird searching for grubs!


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