Monday 6 November 2017

Watching the Sheep

 While at the caravan site in Wales we stared at last month my wife & I took the dogs for a walk along the side of the hill over looking the site. The path here runs along the middle of the hill and is an easy walk. This part is near a place called Alison's Seat and a a few years ago the trees (Conifers) were cut down and new hardwood treed ones replanted

The walk looks a little bare now with no tree covering

But you can see the new trees that were planted are now taking hold

We heard a do barking behind us and looked across to see the flock of sheep running around

The Farmer's dog was moveing the sheep
 The dog was doing a lot of running to bring the sheep around

A tad out of focus but you can see the dog is getting the work done

The Farmer helps out with his Quad bike. The were moved to another field nearby for new grazing

We headed off back to the caravan for a cup of tea and passed some rural art someone had made

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Quite a large flock for the dog to control. Good job the farmer had a quad bike.

  2. Work dogs are amazing creatures and the art is fascinating.

  3. I love the trail along the hill. Very beautiful scenery too. When I walk along such paths I forget about time and I seem to be able to go further in the journey.

  4. I love the working dogs--and the humans trying to help...

  5. Looks like a lovely walk, especially encountering the rural art.

  6. Lovely shots! Here's looking at ewe!

  7. A wonderful walk! Love that rural art.

  8. Nice countryside to enjoy your walk. I like seeing all those sheep, the dog is doing a fine job directing them. The rural art was a nice find too.


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