Monday, 20 November 2017

Costly Photo

So wile I was on a break for a few days at our Caravan in Wales we went for our walk up the side of Aberedw Hill, on the way down we passed a waterfall that I thought would make a good photo.

 Problem was to get it I had to wade through a small pond  So I picked my way around and eventually got my photo
Trouble was on the way I found the water was too deep with the muddy bottom, thewater laping at the pot of my wellingtons and when I tried to go back I started to fall and missed a sapling I tried to grab hold of and ended up in the pond which was full of smelly mud. After that I just waded through got my photo and got out.
 One muddy pond. 
Where was my wife, well as you would think after telling me not to try she ended up in stitches after watching me fall in the pond. I ended up having a long cold wet walk back to the caravan. Not only that I had no spare clothes so my wife had to drive off out to the local store and get another pair of jean,'s and a coat for me to wear. I don't think it was even worth the effort of trying to get the photo which ended up being rather costly. Lesson learnt don't try stupid things like wadeing through a muddy pond


  1. I'm sorry to say but I would have been next to your wife laughing my head off!

  2. Ten out of ten for trying!! Pretty shot of the waterfall and I think you would try something similar again for the sake of that exclusive shot!

  3. Lovely photos of the waterfall ~ glad you didn't get too wet or muddy ~

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)
    Happy Thanksgiving coming in USA

  4. Hopefully you don't make that mistake again!

  5. I have to admit, reading this I was in stitches like your wife. Really sorry you fell into the smelly pond, but the photo of the falls is pretty, and I appreciate the laugh!

  6. I'm sorry for your misfortune but I did enjoy your photos!

  7. Hope you didn't drop the camera! If you didn't destroy that, then it was all just a bit of fun :)

    That waterfall and forest looks enough like some of the ones around here that I did a double-take.

  8. It's really pretty, I love finding small spots like that.

  9. Oh my goodness, that sounds like an awful experience. Just to make you feel better, I know someone who seriously injured his knee getting a photo while on a long, guided hike in the wilderness. Once they got him back to the tour bus, he had to remain there until they got back to civilization.

  10. Poor you! Oh, the things we do for a good photo.


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