Tuesday 28 February 2017

Whitchurch on Thames

Whitchurch is just over the river Thames from my last weeks post of Pangbourne its a small village which has one of the two remaining toll bridges over the Thames still in use.

Panbourne Lock from bank 

Above is an old slipway leading to the river, no doubt a ferry used to be here to join with the other side, On the left the doctors surgery fro Pangbourne, think its built on an old boatyard 

because this boat windlass can be seen on show 

above Whitchurch bridge as it was then, it's since been replaced, on the left a scene on the river looking towards Whitchuch Lock

 This side looks towards Reading

 A view of Whitchurch Lock and the toll house at the end of the bridge

 It is worth stopping for a view towards the church and manor

The toll House and booth, unlike the one at Eyensham this one costs 60p to cross and the has barriers that only lift when you paid. Eynsham the guy stands and takes your 5p and no barrier, the bridge is also a lot older

 Historic tolls listed on a plague shown in Pounds Shillings & Pence
A lot of other toll houses  have this painted on a wooden board.

The toll booth which is quite a posh affair 

Looking back towards the booth, house and bridge from Whitchurch. A few years ago the bridge wars rebuilt again and was shutdown which you can read about in this link Whitchurch Bridge
Here is a time-lapse  of the demolition 

And the opening of it

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. That was quite a tour around this lovely village. I especially like that view looking back at the church. There were a lot people enjoying a float on the river when you took these photos.

  2. The old fashioned spelling on that sign really stands out, Bill. A lovely area!

  3. A fascinating tour, Bill. I've rarely been to Whitchurch from Pangbourne so I was pleased to see the area. All I remember is driving up a leafy hill and stopping at the toll booth where you pay to go over the bridge. Lovely photos of the river especially the view to the church. The doctor's surgery is an attractive building and the boat windlass is interesting. Thanks for sharing, Bill.


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