Monday 13 February 2017

Denby Outlet

You probably have all heard of Denby least wise the name as many of you will be eating of their dining plates. This story starts with a shopping trip to Newbury where my dear wife spotted some Denby pottery for sale and though we should get some for the caravan in stead of the Melamine ones we have used. So we purchased some  plates an one bowl thinking one of the other stores would have some. After shopping around to no avail we had given up. Then my  my wife said we should go to Denby for the day
and so we went and here are a few photos from the trip

The main entrance to the outlet shop and a plaque with a name you might recognise from my last weeks blogs

The store as you walk in. Now I can only liken it to how a child feels like when they walk in sweet shop or toy store. My wide did not know which way to look or go first but like a homing pigeon she went straight to what she wanted 

After we went and had a look around the whole outlet and had some lunch I the restaurant nearby and I can vouch for it, made a nice cup of tea and the sandwiches were fresh

Had a quick walk down to the road to see the main factory which does tours twice a day

Pottery road side of the factory, think you go in here for the tour. That was it for use. After looking in the main shop and spotting the outlet part of the shop I persuaded my wife to check out what was on sale there and we ended up with the bowl a tea pot and a couple of mugs for half price because they were slightly seconds. Well worth it

 Have a good week everyone


  1. Looks good. No doubt I would have bought far too much. I would like to do a tour around a pottery. On my regular trips to Manchester I pass the sign to the Potteries in Stoke on Trentham and keep promising myself I will stop one day. Did you not fancy having a look round the factory?

  2. My Mum would have spent a fortune there!

    Cheers - Stewart M - New Delhi, India (!)

  3. I bought some Denby pottery for one of my sons. Seconds, of course, from an outlet online. Lovely stuff! I would have been giddy with excitement if I had been able to actually get to an outlet. Would have spent more too! Sorry, I see I am on the wrong id - this is elaine aka Felicity at Parsonage...etc.

  4. I know that name very well and I would have been like kid in a candy store inside that shop too! In fact, I made your photo of the inside larger so I could have a look around. I would have enjoyed this day trip very much.

  5. These photos make me want to go pottery shopping. Delightful!

  6. I imagine it's likely that they sell here.

  7. Hi Bill, thanks for the comment on my blog. I am a caravan novice as you could tell by my excitement of being left a step! lol All things I wouldnt even have thought I needed.

    I havent been to Denby, but we do have Denby crockery. I am such a wooss I find the larger plates heavy. Sometimes the glaze marks on the stoneware, we have a small pot of Bar Keepers Friend, a quick swish with that and they are like new. I think I got it years ago in Lakeland. But you can also buy it in Robert Dyas.

    Again, I never thought about melamine plates. Where have I been? lol I think I need to go to a caravan outfitters. As I am sure it will be like Aladdins cave to me.

    Have you had many caravans?


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