Monday 5 December 2016

Ten Months Ago

Last week I called my Blog Watch This Space the photos were taken from across the fields near the local Vets a place I have to go every few months with our dogs. Ten months ago I
was taking one of them up there when I noticed a load of trenches had been dug in the nearby field 

Last week I showed the fence on the other side of this field where they are going to build

The fenced off area is near the houses you see in the distance, what I did not realise at the time is there were trenches there as well or I would have gone to get photos of them and what was going on

As you can see this is a big field, the line of trees you see in the distance and houses on the right  are beside the Reading Road (A329) 

One of the trenches, where I Think there might have been a ditch in the middle

 This one has had a small section dug deeper uncovering something

This is looking towards the old Hospital at Fairmile 

And this was the culprit responsible for the trenches. They had been dug for an archaeological survey of the field for a prospective development of housing. If it goes ahead I would imagine the best part of 1000 houses being built here, I might add last week I said 20 houses were going in across the field I think it is nearer 60 that are supposed to be built. What will happen here on this field I could not tell you but if it happens then I will be on hand to get a few photos. Next week I will show you what is behind the fence across the field
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  1. That sounds a huge development Bill. Surprised you haven't heard more about it in the local press.

    1. I think some one is doing s little pre digging as there has been no one I know of who has show any interest in this area and no planning on the application site. The far side I saw plans for around four years ago so knew it was on the cards

  2. I thought of an archaeological dig with those first shots.

  3. Hi Bill, This is very interesting. I wonder if the archaeological survey is being done to see if there is any sign of earlier human activity in the area? Or, is it just to see if the soil will accept the kinds of houses they wish to build? Looking forward to more on this development. Wishing you a fine week ahead!

    1. Human Activity and I found out goes back to the bronze age but read next weeks blog for a little more info

  4. I think you guessed right - there will probably be lots more houses built in this green field .

  5. I wonder if they will find something. They must think they are going to.


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