Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cars in the Park

A few weeks ago the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday and there were party's & celebrations all round. Newbury held one in the park and part of it was a display of a car from each decade of her life

One of my favourites shown here is this Frog eyed Sprite or to give it's real name the Austin Healey 
 Sprite and was built around 1959

Not sure what model this was but no doubt from the 1920's

Another model I'm unsure of but looks A six cylinder sports car and a very nice one at that

This one I do know and is a Rover 16 which was built around 1937 to 1948 

Some of what I call the also rans and from more recent times, The Ford Cortina Mk3 , beside that the Triumph TR7, the the Rover 800 , Next to that looks like it could be an MG ZT and the last one is the Jag, all reasonable cars from their time

The last one here is a Morris Minor, this one is a pickup and from 1969. The only sad bit I found from this show is that they never had a Classic Mini which was an Icon of the British motor industry, I find it hard to believe there was not one around to put on show. Still not a bad little display of car in the park.
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  1. I think that was a great idea for a show but as you say where was the mini?

  2. Now that is a very cool way to celebrate the Queen's 90th! I think cars looked more interesting long ago.

  3. Great variety of autos, love vintage cars.

  4. What a great collection of cars


  5. It's wonderful to see classics like these.


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