Monday, 7 March 2016

The Mobile Lirary

Back with Mural Monday this week and I found one very worthy of being shown. This is the Oxfordshire Mobile Linrary which is a lifeline for many isolated villages where people do not have access to a public library. It travels round to all the Local villages but in September it will stop  because Oxfordshire County Council with it's cutbacks and short-sightedness have withdrawn the service and the people who drive it around are out of a job, not to mention the thousands of older people who depend on this. I feel it is a shame the councillors themselves are not out of a job. Cholsey where this photo was taken is fortunate to have a village library but unfortunate for them it is not part of the Oxfordshire Library network so they only have the books on the shelf and no rotation with other library's.  Hopefully in time this will change.  I hope people will make use of the mobile in the meantime.

You know what this is when you follow it along the road

Side of the bus with it's mural
 Closer view of the side

Go through the door to a world of wonder

The illastrations on the side are by Korky Paul

 Going to miss seeing this sight in the future


  1. Very nice painting on that mobile library . I like it.

  2. As an avid reader and lover of the library I do like this. Also have a friend who lives in Oxfordshire.

  3. That really is a shame. That is a service that is both needed and appreciated.

  4. It really is disappointing that this wonderful mobile library is being cut. The murals are lovely.

  5. It's a very artistic bus!
    We see mobile libraries here in the countryside also, and lots of people make use of it. I agree it's a shame when services like this stop.

  6. Wonderful idea with this mobile library, pity that does not go away. Painted bus is very nice!

  7. The illustrations are wonderful!

  8. Wonderful sketches that so invite us all to use this mobile library.

  9. Library cuts are the worst. As a person who often lives in places with no library service, I can tell you that bookmobiles and other outreach are worth their weight in gold. If they're as delightful as this one, so much the better.

    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

  10. Korky Paul has a quirky sense of humor. I especially like his gleeful dragons. Such a pity the mobile library will end. It indeed sounds like a short-sighted decision. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  11. It's a crying shame that they're dropping that! We need more libraries and books, not fewer!

  12. The council is out of their minds. Our public library has something similar to get to outlying areas and other under served places, even with thirty odd branches across the city.


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