Tuesday 8 March 2016

Back in Oxford

Had to drive in to Oxford early one Sunday to drop my son off at work due to the trains not running, while we were there my wife & I had a walk round before the shops opened

Must admit I had not realised you could walk down this part of the Oxpens College 
Looking over to the right I could see a huge tower crane on the old Westgate Carpark 

After going round the site we came out on this road looking towards where the multi story car park used to be 

On getting to near the Westgate I looked down the road to where the carpark had been and now a lift shaft was being built. What I failed to see was the huge hole the other side for what ever is going underground
 The old entrance to Westgate shopping centre, I vaguely remember it being built but I do remember in the 1970's going to a nightclub in the centre. From the way it is all blocked off I presume it is all being demolished to make way for the new version.

At ten we just happened to be at Carfax Tower but was disappointed to see these men do not ring the bell anymore, the chimes come from in the tower. It was still half an hour before the shops opened so we went off to the covered market, I'll show you round there next week.
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  1. You see things differently when there is no-one around and everything is closed. I don't think I could ever tire of Oxford.

  2. I wonder if any of the buildings constructed today will be intact hundreds of years from now. I wouldn't be surprised if today's hundreds-year-old buildings outlived them.


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