Monday, 2 November 2015

The Caravan Show

The Camping, Caravan & Motorhome show  is held a couple of times a year at Birmingham. In the Autumn show they tend to showcase the  new stuff coming on the market for the following year, and spring the new tents. My wife & I went along to the show in October to view the new caravans and I took my camera along to record it.

One the first things we saw was the caravan maneuvering, where you could go along and be shown by the experts from the Caravan Club 

Or learn to drive your motorhome. Personally I think they are just big vans so no problem

 One of the first areas we visited, I needed a part for my awning

Nearby you could view new Ssangyong cars. They were tow car of the year 2015

 You could look inside the caravans, this was the one I was interested in

which as you can see is very nice inside

and very comfortable as well

  The caravan on the right here is like mine

Not far away you could see the motorhomes

Bradley Wiggens motorhome
 How about this one, a smart car in the back

or one for traveling over rough terrain 
These are called Tabs and are big enough for two people.

My favorite the T5 or  or T6 as they are now

Nice in White
 Great color this one

One by Vanworx

I loved this pop up tent for dogs

By it's big brother which is called a motordome as you can park up your VW  by it and join it on or remove it ad drive off out for the day

Remember the tab

well here is another made from Lego

 How cool is that right down to replication the inside as well

anyone for chess

Couple more I had a liking for

but my wife only had eyes for this one

By this time we had had enough so 

so decided to go after watching   people learning to maneuver  on the Camping and Caravan area.

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  1. I would have loved to attend this event. Lots to see and explore. When I was younger, I used to travel this way with my parents all the time. My dad had almost all versions of these at one time or another. The only one he never had was that giant motorhome that you can hide a smart car in. If I were to get one now I think I might go for that tab.

  2. The Smart Car in the back is something unexpected!


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