Tuesday 1 September 2015

Llandrindod Wells

Llandrindod is a spa town in mid Wales . It was developed as a spa town in the 19th century, with a boom in the late 20th century as a center of local government. Before the 1860s the site of the town was common land in Llanfihangel Cefn-llys parish. Llandrindod Wells is the fifth largest town in Powys. 

Here we look along the road leading to the station which is by the red car in the distance
One of the Victorian buildings which are a land mark of the town

This is up from the station near the Post Office
One of the former art deco stile car dealerships that was here now becoming a bit run down
The Welsh Government sign

and the government offices
This sculpture is near the County Council offices

what I can make out this was the former Bach-y-crai boarding house called the Pump House
It was enlarged into a hotel  and finally bought by Powys County Council who used it till the 1980's when it was demolished and a new office built

 The new offices on the site of the former hotel

The old Guest house was restored and retained along with the boiler house you see across the pond here

a short walk away is this lake which was built for the hotel and would have been seen from there as well

the hotel would have been to the left of the photo you can read the history on the hotel in the link

Going back down town you pass  another of the turreted buildings and an impressive art deco garage

that was owned bu Tom Norton

who sold among things Aircraft, imagine that going to the local showroom and buying a plane
Opposite is a red brick building with a a covered walkway which looks like it was a former hotel

I'll leave you with this stitch of the Tom Norton Building and will return to this town another day
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  1. The architecture of the area really stands out beautifully!


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