Tuesday 15 September 2015

Highgate Fox

Urban foxes are becoming a common sight in our city's & towns though being some one from out in the country I don't come across them very often. Unlike their country cousins they tend to be a bit manky and covered in Mange. I have only ever seen one before while up  in one of the London suburbs and after walking round Highgate Cemetery on Monday was surprised to see this Vixen

She had just grabbed some food thrown out for her turned out the staff looked after her treating the poor thing for mange but in doing so it became rather tame and used to people around

 Chewing quickly while watching the people nearby who were only a few meters away. Try that out in the country all you would see was a tail where it ran away

Heard a noise, the staff were chasing off the hungry magpies which steel the food

Need some more food. We left after this photo not wanting to frighten the poor thing more that it was already. 
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  1. What a cute fellow! Nice shots.

  2. Great shots! We know they frequent our neighbourhood but seldom see them. Last week one of our dogs rolled in fox poo in the garden. She was immensely pleased with herself.....not so when a bath was ordered!

  3. the eyes have it. great shot.

  4. We got 'em here, too, introduced from the East. Also the mange problem. But around here they're getting pushed out by the coyotes. (Who also have a mange problem. Sad thing for an animal to have to deal with.)

    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

  5. The poor fellow. We have coyotes and bobcats wandering closer to homes looking for food.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  6. I have seen lots of foxes in central London and most of the ones I have seen have been big and healthy, far bigger than their rural relatives. They have adapted well to life in the city, and there are many many photographs of them sunning themselves on roof tops and sheds in London while the city bustles around them and then at night, they turn on their scavenging instincts and feast!


  7. The ones we see here have bushier tails, but those are the rural ones. I've never seen a fox in the city. I remember my parents' cats would routinely chase off a fox that would pass through the property on occasion- you'd hear a high pitched yelp, look out the window, and there would be the cats in pursuit of the fox.

  8. City foxes are becoming more common here as well. The only fox I've seen this summer was one running across the fields in the counrtyside.


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