Monday 29 June 2015

Brill On The Hill

A while ago my wife and I took a Hot Air Balloon flight over Oxfordshire, one of the places we passed was Brill. Earlier this month we had the chance to visit. I might add it was the place we ended up as the place we wanted to visit was closed. We had been told Brill was a nice little village so we had high expectations.

We could see this windmill from the hot air balloon

This was an impressive wisteria

Same street looking along it
The postbox was nothing unusual other than needing a coat of paint but the stamp machine by it was special, you don't get them any more

another of the streets in Brill

Most of the streets looked similar though the overcast clouds made it dreary, by now my high expectations had dampened severely 
The stone on the building below the round window says Police Court 1871

So no doubt it was the police station as well

Think this is the main street through Brill, not sure the cloud helped but the place looks miserable
Methodist chapel
This was erected to Sir Edmund Verney Bart for his devotion to the welfare of Brill in 1910

Main street  through Brill which we went down but found only one village shop

The green triangle and war memorial, a lot of villages seem to have these green triangles in them

looking across the green to one of the village roads which I think takes you to the church

I like the entrance on thins house which has the look of an old hotel or inn, The rose growing adds to the place
Last look at the windmill we parked near before leaving Brill on the Hill. The one thing that struck me about Brill was the lack of shops and only one pub I could see. Not unusual now a days  but the place seemed devoid of anything interesting and there was no coffee or tea shops to go in which made it worse. Not a place I would visit again.
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  1. That's a very nice looking windmill, and I remember being able to buy stamps from those machines.

  2. Great series, I love the windmill! Enjoy your day and have a happy week!

  3. Thank you for the tour of this quaint town. It looks peaceful and not busy at all. The architecture is lovely, and I like the windmill.

  4. i love the windmill and that stamp machine! and that wisteria is beautiful!

  5. Wonderfully moody shots.

  6. The windmill stands out nicely. The Methodist chapel is quite what one would expect-dignified.

  7. A nice looking village. I like the windmill.


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