Tuesday 26 May 2015

Cefnlly's Castle

A while ago I was asked if I had any photos of a place called Cefnlly's Castle I had to tell the person I did not but I had been near the place and would go back and get some photos. These are some of the photo's I took that day with my wife.

I took this the day before and realised it was not as easy as I thought so we came back the next day after I worked out a way to climb the hill.

This is the track we took at first along the side of the hill to get to the castle at the top. You can see my wife taking a photo of her own

She was taking photos of this area

 This is where we had to get to, ended up going across the side of the hill near here as the track seemed to go to a farm and I did not want our dogs upsetting anyone

The top, the mound you see is the remains of the castle
 Bit of a closer view of the castle

This looks back to the other end of the hill the second castle which was here once

You can see lots of mounds from the second castle which formed the ditches

 Here we look across part of the hillside

This looks away from the top of the castle to some woods

This is St Michael s Church you can see at the bottom of the hill

View across the top of the hill to the second castle

below is a flock of sheep which are being rounded up by the dog

Another view from top of the castle hill

some of the surrounding countryside

and a shot as we went down

This is a stitched shot of the river below

and one of the top of Cefnlly's and the second castle
You can read more about it here
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday.


  1. Great photos of beautiful landscapes. I've just been and read some of the history and that made it even more interesting. It is hard to comprehend history going back so far and to be able to see evidences for it still in the landscape - fascinating!

  2. Wonderful scenery!

  3. The countryside around there is just stunning. All that green is something I don't see much of here in the desert. It must have been enjoyable exploring around here.

  4. What a very beautiful landscape !!

  5. What a beautiful place on the planet!


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