Tuesday 2 December 2014

Road Trip Part 2

I'll finish off the roadtrip we did while in Wales today.

This was the beach we ended up at having a picnic

and on the way home we stopped and took a photo of Aberystwyth from an overlooking hill

turning round you could see this view, if you enlarge the photo you can see a steam train going past

If you read last weeks road trip you will have seen an Arch, well we stopped there for a coffee
 And this is the Arch, was constructed to commemorate The Jubilee of King George in 1810 and the road used to go through it till it was moved south just to my left

We also stopped off near the mines to admire the view up this valley, you can see the old workings to the left.
  Driving back towards The Elan Valley I took this photo of another river Valley the river is  called the Afon Ystwyth

And this is near the top of the valley before you go into the Elan Valley

where we stopped off to take some photos of the pony's there
 We finished the day off watching the sunset
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Fab shot of the sun setting over the hills #ourworldtuesday

  2. What a variety of scenery! Gorgeous shots.

  3. Neat road trip. Interestingly, the hills near the mines look like the hillsides near San Francisco where mining was done in the early 1900s (not sure of the time right now). Some of the miners were Welsh immigrants.

  4. Wow ! Such a lovely place and gorgeous views !

  5. That arch in particular appeals to me. Such astonishing views!


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