Friday, 23 June 2017

Thistle Sky

Taken by the Round lake at Fforest Fields camping site early this month

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Aberedw Sky

Taken the begining of June after the bank holiday and the sky over Aberedw Hill with the new Yerts at Fforest Fields below

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Last Weeks Sunset

Last week I showed a series of photos taken through outthe day finishing with a sunset. They were all taken with my iphone. After I finished with the phone I went in and came out with my DSLR and took this photo fo the sunset.

Leave Sleeping Dragons Be

The Porcupine

Some more photos of my visit to Cotswold Wildlife park a couple of months ago. One of the animals I saw was the Porcupine. Now to me I'd never seen any spiny animal any bigger than a Hedgehog so when I saw the Porcupine I was surprised as it was bigger than my Dog and the quills on its back really long, not only that it can shoot them out at predators any way I took a few and had a nice little surprise while doing it

Looking through the glass into the pen it lived
Another one which was outside
Cute little face
But what is this beside Mummy
 A couple of little critters looking to come out in the pen to see mummy
Please don't squish me
I'm ok, can we go in now mummy
More in my Exploration Blog on Thursday
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Friday Sky's

Taken a few weeks ago all on the same day. 
The blue sky looking out from the village of Blewbury

Back home in the afternoon the sky form my back garden

And last after going out the front of the house at Sunset this beautiful sky

The Dandilion

Trying out my Zoom Lens

Few weeks ago I had been down at the caravan site I visit and I took with me my new zoom lens. I went for a wander around with it trying it out and spotted this little fellow sitting on a branch

Took a step closer

and a little closer

Further along and noticed sheep on the hillside

Across the lake a wagtail looked at me

and opposite the Yerts waiting gusts to arrive

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Taking a Selfie

The Nest

The other day I was in our garden when It started raining so I quickly sheltered in a small corner arbour I have in the Garden, Looking up I noticed the beginnings of a wasp nest. I'm always intrigued at the work that goes in to making a nest.

Such a small delicate thing 

Inside small honeycombs awaiting eggs

It looks like it could be blown away is a slight breeze 

When you see it on the roof space it looks very small
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Friday Morning Sky

Took this photo of the sky over Buckthorn Lane in Cholsey on Friday Morning

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Some Otters

Taken at Cotswold Wildlife park a few weeks ago. Nice to see them out playing in the sun, the last time I saw them was when we took our children around some twenty years ago. One was near the wall and I was looking down in it. I thought it looked so soft what does it feel like. Bad mistake, it turned around and bit me, not only that when I stood up it was hanging on my finger. my wife & children just burst in to laughter and some people looking on nearby watched on in horror. Lucky it let go and run back off to it's mates thinking I did not taste that good. This time I was content to take photos of them. They still look soft and cuddly though
 Four of them here two looking romantic

Basking in the sun

Mmm I like you

Blow that I'll bask here a little longer

Snuggle time

I'm off.
 Hope you enjoyed them I'll write a longer blog on Costwold in my Exploration Blog soon