Tuesday, 26 September 2017

View from the Flat

One of the reasons I had visited Dundee was to Take my son up to the job he was starting . He was given a flat to stay in for a couple of weeks and here are some views from the window. The flat over looked the old Victoria Docks

 Looking east you see along the docks and below HMS Unicorn 

 City Quay is a precinct that comprises of shops restaurants and small businesses
 And last the West end of the dock
 This was looking out of the flat to the window

 Looking out of the bedroom window I stayed in you could see the Tay Road bridge while in the distance you can make out the Tay Railway bridge
 Going down the dockside the Ship I showed from the window

 Across from the Quay the block of flats

East along the docks 

And finally West

You might have noticed it was very overcast in the photos well this was the reason

  When I went home the next day I encountered this lot and if I had left it any later I would have spent another night in Dundee.
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  1. Holy cow, is that snow??? Beautiful views from the flat even with the overcast skies.

  2. What a lovely flat with some great views. I was shocked to see the snow but then I read your comment above.

  3. Your son has a beautiful flat and lovely views from the windows.


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