Tuesday 16 May 2017

Some Otters

Taken at Cotswold Wildlife park a few weeks ago. Nice to see them out playing in the sun, the last time I saw them was when we took our children around some twenty years ago. One was near the wall and I was looking down in it. I thought it looked so soft what does it feel like. Bad mistake, it turned around and bit me, not only that when I stood up it was hanging on my finger. my wife & children just burst in to laughter and some people looking on nearby watched on in horror. Lucky it let go and run back off to it's mates thinking I did not taste that good. This time I was content to take photos of them. They still look soft and cuddly though
 Four of them here two looking romantic

Basking in the sun

Mmm I like you

Blow that I'll bask here a little longer

Snuggle time

I'm off.
 Hope you enjoyed them I'll write a longer blog on Costwold in my Exploration Blog soon


  1. Great photos, I love otters :)

  2. I'm rather wary of putting my hand near any animal in a wildlife park. You got some good shots. We've been to an otter sanctuary not far from us in Derbyshire where they have some giant otters. They're in an enclosure with a pond and there are high perspex walls between them and the visitors. It's fascinating to watch them.

  3. Love seeing the river otters there. They really are very tough and very cute little critters. We see them here every now and then mostly when they're out in the water hunting for something yummy to eat.

  4. That must have been an enjoyable day out.

  5. I've watched similar river otters here in the wild, generally in the water.

  6. They do look soft and cuddly but hearing your story, I'll keep my hands away.

  7. oooh they're otters! cute and cuddly looking I"m sure but they probably can be quite territorial I guess. I don't know we don't have them here.

  8. They are such fun-loving critters, but wild.


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