Monday, 14 December 2015

Hidden World

Not far from where I work is this area, it looks like a small woodland but once it was  a small community of  Prefab Houseing. The small estate came about after second world war around 1950  The United Kindom Atomic Energy took over RAF Harwell. The RAF accommodation was all taken up by employees and more was needed, so they decided to use prefab housing. By the 1980's they were past their sell by date and the dission was made to demolish them. The area was left and became overgrown  now all that is left is a memory.

Inside the hidden world is  you find a an old road

You can still see the old lamposts standing in place 

Look closer and you see the old fence posts still standing

All that lives here now are foxes and small deer and other wildlife. Birds like Green and Spotted woodpeckers are seen flying around.

Look around more and you can see the odd base of a prefab

The whole area in spring comes into flower with daffodils from the gardens that were here

Fruit on the blackberry bushes

Drains are still in place

and more fences
 One road remains in use Avon Road which leads to Severn Close. One there were prefabs either side now a new housing estate sits one side and wildlife lives the other

 Once it looked similar to this 

 Now the lost world looks like this
I found a blog called North Drive which has a bit more info which is also where I found the old photo

Taking Part in Our world Tuseday


  1. Abandoned yet green and full of hope.

  2. You have uncovered a lot of history which will no doubt be lost in years to come.

  3. You can still see the signs if you look closely. Amazing how nature reclaims things.


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