Friday, 4 April 2014

Smogwatch Friday

If you lived in the UK you would know what I meant by Smog this week being as we had some floating around over the south of the country. Not nice and made everything look hazy & pinkish. My wife said she even saw Sahara dust on the road when she drove home the other day I know it was on my car Tuesday morning. 

Thursday morning the sunrise looked like this

 and the view out the office window like this

Friday the sky had cleared a little

the view from the office window was better if a little overcast

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone and have great weekend


  1. I heard that Sahara dust was landing on the UK! The winds sure did cary it a long distance!

  2. I saw pictures of this on our television weather channel yesterday. They said it was smog and it looked bad!

  3. It hasn't been good Bill. I had to get my inhaler out and use it. Something I haven't had to do for months and months.

  4. Hari Om
    sure has been a peculiar weather year so far - everywhere!! Good captures and love the one with the sun. YAM xx

  5. Kind of gloomy. Sometimes when we get smog and dust in our skies in S. CA, it makes for some really great sunsets!

  6. This is awful, isn't it? It's bad in certain parts of the world.

  7. Such thick smog! What's causing it. In California, some people like to complain that the smog is coming from China. Okay maybe some, but we create a lot more than what the wind brings in.


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