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I have had a few cameras over the years starting as a kid with a Brownie Vecta  
then as I got older a Kodak 128 which was rubbish I used to borrow my Dads 35mm camera and decided after trying an SLR to get one and bought a Praktica EM which I used for a few years. One day I noticed a Pentax ME Super in a shop window and was sold on buying it which I did.

 I still have it though I did get a Nikon F50 though I found it was not really what I wanted and after my wife bought a Kodak 3400 digital camera I went out and purchased a Canon S2iS. I used it for a few years and bought an EOS350D to learn with. I found the STD lens you got with it was not up to much so went out and bought a 15-85 lens which I still used and my main lens.

One day at work I dropped the S2iS down the stairs at work and that was it the lens would not come out so an SX200 took it's place

After a few years of using the 350 and toting round a construction site I was recording I went for an EOS 60D and by that time was the owner of a Canon 10-22 lens

Just lately I bought a Canon SX240 to replace the SX200 as the lens jammed in the out position, no matter what I tried it would not budge and as I needed a back up compact I ordered the SX240 of Amazon
 The SX240 is the one I carry round all the time as it fits in my pocket and even if I leave that at home I have a camera phone as well. The 60D will be going soon as that has been used on the same construction site and seems to have a slight misalignment with the sensor so I may well be getting the new EOS 70D though I confess I did hanker after a 7DII but I'm not waiting till half way through next year to get one.
The 60D has gone to a friend of mine and made way for a new EOS 70D which I am now using along with the addition of a 100mm, 2.8 Lens for macro work.

My EOS70D and selection of lenses I use

The first camera I ever used was one of these which my Dad had
Well I  now have a new addition to my collection beside the iPhone 8 I use on a regular basis I bought a Canon EOS R6, I have only used it a couple of time but will let you know how I get on with it in due course

I have now had the R6 for a few months now and have been using it on a regular basis. I find it one of the best cameras I have used though I have to admit it is a little more complicated than what I was used to. In fact I think there are probably too many functions on it and that Canon could have made two types of menu to use a simple one and normal one. The fact the R5 has a top screen and the R6 has none shows they simplified  a little. Since owning the R6 I part exchanged my old EOS 90D and lenses for a new RF 20-240 lens for added range I may get a wide angle later to use as well. Main reason for selling the old 90D and EFS lens was because I did not want the hassle of changing the settings to suit the crop lens. The EF lens work fine with the EF adaptor I got for the R6 as you do not have to change anything. 
I will add photos of the lens I have later


  1. What a collection of cameras....I should get out all of mine. I am just an amateur in love with picture taking, but I can't tell you how much it enriches my life.

  2. Old and new cameras. Beautiful things !

  3. Great collection, Bill. I wish I would have kept my old Canon F1 film camera and lenses (mainly the lenses). I had a pretty good collection, and some of them might have worked on my Canon digital (5D ii) that I have now.

  4. I think everyone on the planet had a kodak or Brownie box camera in their family at some point, during the film only days. Like you, I have several digital products ranging from simple point and shoot, to a DSLR.

  5. I love cameras old and new and have amassed a large selection over the years.I came to photography late and like one of your other commentators it enriches my life.

  6. Don't we just love our tools, we photographers? I've used Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm. Now a Leica. Truly, I like the Fujifilm the best because it is light (I have tendonitis) and the image quality with the mirror-less camera is the best I've ever experienced.

  7. All Cameras are so beautiful. R6 with that objective is Very Nice add to your collection. Happy Days ahead..

  8. Hello Bill, Your camera collection is marvelous. As you will know, I’ve been using the Canon SX730HS for a few years now and have been totally happy with it. I think you also used a 730 for a while and then, I believe you gave it to your son and upgraded to a 740. I am not sure I recall all that correctly, but I hope so. Anyway, the last couple of weeks I have experienced an unusual thing with my 730. Using auto setting and focusing on a cruise ship across the water, about 2 miles away, I am not always getting a perfectly focused image. It is close but not spot on as it has been in the past. At that distance I would think it would auto focus to infinity and produce a sharp image. Maybe it is time for me to go to a new camera. I’ve probably taken about 7000 pics with the 730 and maybe that is getting to the end of its life cycle? Anyway, what is your recommendation for a camera about the same size as the 730, with 40x or more of optical zoom? Thank you in advance for any recommendation or comment. John

  9. Hi again Bill, Thank you for your reply on my blog regarding possible cameras to replace my Canon SX730. Thanks to your recommendations, I am focusing in on the LUMIX DC-FZ80K. It has excellent reviews and several mention the exceptionally nice results with the 60x zoom. The price seems so reasonable. I'm considering getting it on Amazon where I can return it, within 30 days, if not happy. So, thanks again and have a good day! John

  10. I see you had a Pentax in your list. My all-time favorite camera was a Pentax MX, a very lightweight manual camera. I had a power drive for it that may it bulky when needed, but for backpacking, I'd leave it off and take a 28 and 100 mm lens with me. But then, that was long before digital.

  11. your first camera was the one I took photos with way back in the 50's. I went from film in a minolta, to my first DSLR a Canon Rebel wore it completly out and bought the next one, can't remember what they were, both are gone, they jus fiannly quit on me. now i use a iPhone 7 plus for camera only, it was gifted to me and has no phone number, but it makes a great camera and wifi mini computer. I have been looking at the EOS70D, its on sale with two lens, for 549 but i can't justify the money because my husbands health and mine are going down hill, I love that long lens and miss it. got up this morning and my canon that looks like your Nikon finally died, sign me Only and Iphone and my cell phone.


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