My Cameras

I have had a few cameras over the years starting as a kid with a Brownie Vecta  then as I got older a Kodak 128 which was rubbish I used to borrow my Dads 35mm camera and decided after trying an SLR to get one and bought a Praktica EM which I used for a few years. One day I noticed a Pentax ME Super in a shop window and was sold on buying it which I did.
Pentax ME Super

 I still have it though I did get a Nikon F50 though I found it was not really what I wanted and after my wife bought a Kodak 3400 digital camera I went out and purchased a Canon S2iS. I used it for a few years and bought an EOS350D to learn with. I found the STD lens you got with it was not up to much so went out and bought a 15-85 lens which I still used and my main lens.

One day at work I dropped the S2iS down the stairs at work and that was it the lens would not come out so an SX200 took it's place 
EOS 350D and 18-85 lens


After a few years of using the 350 and toting round a construction site I was recording I went for an EOS 60D and by that time was the owner of a Canon 10-22 lens

Just lately I bought a Canon SX240 to replace the SX200 as the lens jammed in the out position, no matter what I tried it would not budge and as I needed a back up compact I ordered the SX240 of Amazon

Old and New SX's
 The SX240 is the one I carry round all the time as it fits in my pocket and even if I leave that at home I have a camera phone as well. The 60D will be going soon as that has been used on the same construction site and seems to have a slight misalignment with the sensor so I may well be getting the new EOS 70D though I confess I did hanker after a 7DII but I'm not waiting till half way through next year to get one.

This is the other little toy in my collection, a Sigma 70 - 200 2.8 lens it I could not really afford the Canon Version though I nearly bought a 100 - 400 lens. I ended up getting the Sigma 50-500 Zoom

The 60D has gone to a friend of mine and made way for a new EOS 70D which I am now using along with the addition of a 100mm, 2.8 Lens for macro work.

The first camera I ever used was one of these my dad had


  1. What a collection of cameras....I should get out all of mine. I am just an amateur in love with picture taking, but I can't tell you how much it enriches my life.

  2. Old and new cameras. Beautiful things !

  3. Great collection, Bill. I wish I would have kept my old Canon F1 film camera and lenses (mainly the lenses). I had a pretty good collection, and some of them might have worked on my Canon digital (5D ii) that I have now.

  4. I think everyone on the planet had a kodak or Brownie box camera in their family at some point, during the film only days. Like you, I have several digital products ranging from simple point and shoot, to a DSLR.

  5. I love cameras old and new and have amassed a large selection over the years.I came to photography late and like one of your other commentators it enriches my life.


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